Coralville IA Features So Many Great Things To Do

Coralville IA is a great pick for a family vacation destination. When did you decide to visit this city? Maybe you’ve been to Iowa City before, and you’re thinking about going back to that area and visiting surrounding cities. Coralville is one of those surrounding cities, and you’re going to like what all you can get into while you’re there.

One place of interest is the Brown Deer Golf Club. Located at 1900 Country Club Drive, Brown Deer Golf Club is said to be a great value. It’s also said to be quite the challenging course. If you’re up for the challenge, then this course is really going to make you happy. It is a short course, however, so keep that in mind. Reviews point to the fact that there is a nice restaurant on site.

If you’re up for checking out important landmark attractions, one you want to check out is the Iowa Firefighter’s Memorial. The address for this monument is 1 Russell Slade Boulevard. It’s nice to stop by and see this memorial that pays homage to all of the firefighters in Iowa. People say that this landmark attraction is quite easy to find. It would make for a nice photo opportunity as well.

The Old Capitol Museum is a historical place of interest that you are going to want to visit while in Coralville. Did you know that Iowa City used to be the state capital city? The Old Capitol Museum isn’t in Coralville, but it’s a great place to visit when you’re in the area. Complete with a spiral staircase and all, this architectural gem is a must visit when you’re on vacation in this part of Iowa.

Also in Iowa City close to Coralville is The Englert Theater. The address for the Englert Theater is 221 East Washington Street, and it has been remodeled. People say that the theater has nice acoustics and great seats. It’s like taking a step back in time according to reviews, and it would make for a great visit.

All these wonderful places will be enjoyable if you plan on stopping by. Whatever you end up doing in Coralville, take some time out to look around and learn about the history of the area. You’re so close to what used to be the state capital city that you know there are going to be some really interesting places to see as you travel around.